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The information in this Website is shared with you as informational and general directions only. You should always seek a doctor's professional servicces in order to get a diagnosis and directions just for your baby's condition. If you have a specific question about these instructions or any doubt concerning the care of your child, please contact your doctor.
The purpose of this website is to let those who are already parents, those who will soon be parents, and people that have babies around them. Our objective is to spread the word and let people know that plagiocephaly is more common than we think. Our mission is to alert parents so they can avoid this condition and in the case that they notice it on their babies, be able to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid future bigger problems. We hope you will find this website informative and that it will help a lot of babies.

Example of Plagiocephaly in infant

Photo by: Decue Wu

Example of Brachycephaly in infant

Photo by: Decue Wu

Example of Scaphocephaly in infant

Photo by: Decue Wu


Read our story and inform your pediatrician immediately!